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Informative and Compassionate

Postpartum support can look very different, depending on your individual needs. 

What I have learned in working with Mothers and Parents is that when Mother is supported and taken care of, she has the most beautiful capacity to tune into her child, to heal and to feel empowered.

That benefits the baby and the whole family through:

* Bonding process

* Breastfeeding

* Nervous system regulation

* Postpartum depression prevention

Today, I find that it is very challenging for Mothers to KNOW how to BE supported and what is actually needed for her to heal.

Because of this awareness, I ask that all parents who are looking for my Postpartum Support, participate in the course I offer:

INNATE Postpartum Care

Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course

More Information here


Sign up by September 1st and pay only $349

(Regular price $399)


Below are services I offer at this time:


* Holistic newborn care

* Breastfeeding/bottle-feeding/feeding support

* Mother's healing support

* Nutrition for Postpartum period

* Light meal preparation

* Light cleaning

* Overnight support

General fee: $45/h (2h minimum)

Packages: 4h- $160

                 8h - $320

                 16h - $640

Overnight support: $300/night (10h shift)


* Compassionate presence

   Your Birth experience integration

   Guidance on what to expect in the  next days and weeks and months

  Guidance on bonding with your baby

Guidance on healing your body

How to navigate your new family constellation


* Sitz baths

* Bone closing ceremony

* Yoni steaming

* Lotus Birth guidance

* Cord Burning Ceremony

My fee: $45/h


*  Guidance on what to expect

    How to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for postpartum time

* Nutritional guidance

* Emotional guidance

My fee: $45/h


An angel descended from heaven! Anna worked with us as a parttime postpartum doula for the two months following the birth of our daughter, and I wish we could have kept her on forever and ever. She helped with all the household chores that come along with a new baby, and offered great advice on products and protocol to help me, as I was recovering from giving birth. She is easy to be around, responsible and reliable. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a postpartum doula or a birth doula -- I imagine she'd be a very calming, supportive presence during a birth, and can attest to how helpful she is during the crazy period of time when you're settling into new parenthood.


Anna came by to help us postpartum when my baby was just a week old. We also have a 3yo, so despite my partner being home, neither of us we're able to do much cooking or cleaning and we we're completely over our heads. Anna's presence was so calming. She gave us the opportunity for my husband to take our older son out and me to still be cared for. She made us soup, cleaned the kitchen, and organized our apartment. But most importantly she sat with me and gave me space to talk about my birth experience and kept me company during a very vulnerable time. I highly recommend Anna, she is truly gifted at what she does.

Sharon M.

I am a first time mother. My pregnancy and delivery were surprisingly easy; however, the postpartum period turned out to be a real challenge. Ania guided and supported me through this difficult time with much kindness and understanding. She is like a loving mother, caring sister, best friend, and reliable professional, all in one. I strongly recommend Ania's excellent services to every woman on this beautiful yet taxing journey to motherhood.

Milena M.

Anna was an incredible support to me during my labor, birth, and first weeks with our new baby. However, that is not all she does: two years later, I contacted her to see if she could advise me about what to do to be ready for a second pregnancy. She took the time to talk with me and understand our situation, and did a lot of research to provide me with personalized guidance. She is incredibly caring and a wonderful source of information. I feel really lucky to have her as a resource and support, and would recommend her both for standard birth + postnatal support, and as a resource for breastfeeding and women's fertility.

Mary Elizabeth

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