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Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course
8 hour online class series

"If we want to assure the health of the future generations, we need to begin by focusing on the health and well-being of Mothers".

Rachelle Seliga Garcia


INNATE POSTPARTUM CARE Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course is not just a course, it's a revolutionary course!

INNATE Postpartum Care PLANNING  FOR THE FOURTH TRIMESTER COURSE is a 8 hour class for pregnant women, pregnant people, their partners, and families, as well those who want to support the newly born family. 
Each class goes deep into the physical and emotional needs of all women during the healing time after childbirth.
* What is postpartum period and why is it important.
* What are 5 essential elements in Postpartum Time.
* Time-tested postpartum Wisdom interwoven with modern science.
* Traditional postpartum care and modern postpartum care and how to find balance.
* Traditional system of medicine, and it's view at postpartum period as a time to improve health and vitality.
* Reasoning behind pelvic floor issues after childbirth.
* Understanding physiology of our body after childbirth.
* Why do we need warmth in the Postpartum period.
* Guidance on food and nutrition we need in Postpartum time
* Bodywork after birth.
* Why new mothers need community to thrive in postpartum time and how to ensure this community support for the new family.
* Autonomic Nervous System and it's role in postpartum time.
* Postpartum planning - what do we really need to thrive in Postpartum period.

This course is directed to all pregnant women, pregnant people, their partners, families and communities.

Ideally this class is taken by expecting families between 20-35 weeks gestation.
But it can also be ideal as a part of preparation to conception, or taken early in pregnancy.
It can be a beautiful gift to your pregnant friend.
Or amazing tool of knowledge for you, to support your friend or family member in their postpartum time.

Individual class options available.
In-person class option available.

We meet 3 times for 2hours each meeting.
There is a check-in at the beginning of the class and time to ask question at the end of the class. 

The 4th and final class takes place in your Postpartum period around week 6.
Each parent/couple/support person will receive document with postpartum plan and ideas.

Intensive 2 day course also available!

Please reach out with any questions.







Sign up by September 1st and pay only $349

In person meeting or individual schedule available.

Please contact for more information.

If You would like to JOIN, please  fill out the contact form or send an email to


About Me

I took my first INNATE Postpartum Care training back in 2017 and Certified as an INNATE Provider in 2018. I've been applying my knowledge of physiological and emotional needs of Postpartum time working with women, and families since then.

Informative and Compassionate

"I am a first time mother. My pregnancy and delivery were surprisingly easy; however, the postpartum period turned out to be a real challenge. Ania guided and supported me through this difficult time with much kindness and understanding. She is like a loving mother, caring sister, best friend and reliable professional, all in one. I strongly recommend Ania's excellent services to every woman on this beautiful yet taxing journey to motherhood."

Milena, New York

We needed a person like Ania! Thank you! She brightened us up and gave us many valuable tips about the postpartum period - the importance of which is often overlooked, practices that help you recover quickly after delivery. As well as the topic of childbirth itself. After this course, both my husband and I are certainly even more aware of the whole process, and my husband is much calmer.

Gosia D.


INNATE Postpartum Care:

Postpartum Care is NECESSITY, not a LUXURY for Mother&Families to THRIVE

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

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