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Hi, my name is Ania

I am a holistically trained Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula & Breastfeeding Counselor providing support in the NYC area, in person and virtually.

About Me

I am a mother of three amazing children. The birth of each one of them taught me so much. I have experienced a hospital birth, followed by a homebirth with an amazing midwife and finally free birth with only my older children and my closest friend present. All those experiences are the reasons why I decided to take the path of supporting women and couples on journey of parenthood. I see pregnancy, birth and postpartum period as a Rite of Passage and always feel deeply honored to be part of this event.

With Master Degree in Translation, for many years I worked as a Medical Interpreter in all major hospitals in New  York City. Then, after taking my first (of many) birth doula trainings back in 2017, I knew instantly that is exactly what want to do. Now after having supported more than 40 births, I feel absolutely honored to do what I feel is my life calling.

*I believe that how we Birth matters
* I believe that in birth You as a Mother have the biggest knowledge about this process
* I believe that babies are inherently wise and deserve respectful touch
* I believe that babies have right to bodily autonomy


(...) babies are actually super-sentient, with high intelligence and capabilities for self-correction far beyond what is normally recognized by modern medicine.

From Working with Babies by John Chitty

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